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File dormant accounts
online and now

For only £9, use this online service for filing dormant company accounts yourself directly to Companies House in under 2 minutes. Skip the accountant.

File dormant accounts easily

Trusted and used by 100s of dormant companies

File dormant accounts in a few steps

So no need for an accountant! Saving you money...

File dormant accounts in a few steps and in under 2 minutes yourself

Stay on top of your dormant company. File your dormant company accounts to Companies House with complete ease, no confusion, and minimal entries.​ A do-it-yourself filing service and no log-in details required.


Filing dormant company accounts yourself in just 3 simple steps.


It takes less than 2 minutes to file your dormant accounts through our online service.


Filing dormant accounts through here directly to Companies House to remain compliant.

How it works

Dormant company accounts filing in 3 easy steps

First, search for your dormant company name or registration number

Type your company name or registration number...

file dormant accounts on your mobile



Card Payment Details

To make payment at the end. Ensure to pay with your personal card (and not with the dormant company’s business card if you already have one) so as not to create a ‘significant transaction' and lose dormant status.

Authentication Code

A 6-digit alphanumeric code.

It's simple! You will need just 2 things to file...

  You will have received

 this by letter from

   Companies House

    when you had set up

           your company


       ...if you've lost it, you

           can request a new

                 one from the

                   government website

Filing dormant accounts is simple

Definition of 'dormant'

Companies House and HMRC have slightly different definitions of ‘dormant’, but effectively if your company meets the definition for one it highly likely meets it for both. This means that you would not need to file a corporation tax return for the dormant year. You can check on HMRC’s website to check whether you need to file a corporation tax return.

Filing dormant accounts is simple

Dormant accounts are a much more simplified version of the full set of accounts, showing just a balance sheet with some worded statements, possibly alongside some notes. Often the balance sheet only has shares and cash in hand/bank on the balance sheet, but it can be more if the company traded in prior financial years. Click here to download a sample dormant accounts.

Your company is dormant according to Companies House if it had no transactions in its financial year apart from:

  • filing fees paid to Companies House

  • penalties for late filing of accounts

  • payment for shares when the company was set up


If your company had no other transactions in its financial year other than the 3 listed above, since incorporation, then it was dormant and you can use this service to file dormant accounts for that financial year.

How to qualify for filing dormant company accounts

Even if your company was dormant, you still have to file accounts to Companies House as long as you haven’t closed your company down. Your dormant company accounts filing must be done once a year. But when can you file dormant accounts?

If your small UK limited company did not trade at all during its financial year, then you qualify for filing dormant accounts to Companies House. Not trading, in essence, means no transactions at all except for 3 types. Your company must be small and limited by shares or by guarantee. Your dormant company cannot be a subsidiary of another company.


If your company has been dormant since incorporation and for the financial year you need to file for, then this service is for you - click here to file now.

Filing dormant company accounts are allowed for the financial year in which your company was dormant. For example, if it was dormant for the financial year ended 31 December 2022, but afterwards became active, you can still file dormant accounts for the 2022 year but not the subsequent year.

How to qualify for filing dormant accounts

To use this service, you must meet the following conditions:

Dormant since incorporation

Your company has not traded since incorporation and did not have any transactions during its financial year

Not a subsidiary

Your company is not a subsidiary of another company (not owned by another company)

Limited Liability

Your company is limited by shares or guarantee (you can check this on your company page on Companies House)

What to expect

When you file dormant accounts through this online service, you will get your dormant company accounts filed directly with Companies House in a few quick and easy steps, and a payment confirmation with receipt to your email address. Companies House will normally approve your dormant company accounts filing within 48 hours of receipt. If for whatever reason your accounts get rejected by Companies House, we promise to resolve it or refund you.

What about Corporation Tax Returns?

Dormant companies do not usually need to file a Corporation Tax return, but you will need to notify HMRC in advance that your company will be dormant if it meets HMRC’s definition, which can be done by phone or online. They may still require you to send a nil return if you have been sent a notice letter. Quite often in the first year, HMRC may issue you a notice anyway because they don’t know you’re dormant, so make sure to check to avoid any penalties.

Qualifying criteria

What is dormant?

Generally, a dormant company is one that has not traded and had no transactions during its financial year

Who is this for?

For UK ltd companies that have been dormant since incorporation and for the financial year being filed

Dormant accounts filing software approved and listed by Companies House

Stay compliant by filing directly to Companies House. Get the reassurance that your dormant accounts will get processed correctly.

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