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How to file dormant accounts

Updated: Jun 5

Filing dormant company accounts in the UK involves a straightforward process and in this simple guide we provide some key points you should know and steps to follow.

Confirm dormant status

Ensure your company qualifies as dormant. A company is considered dormant if it has had no significant accounting transactions during the financial year. Insignificant transactions, such as payment for shares, filing fees to Companies House, and penalties for late filing, do not count. If it meets this criterion, then your company qualifies for filing dormant accounts for the financial year it was dormant.

Prepare the necessary information

You'll need the following details to prepare and file the dormant accounts:

  • Company registration number

  • Authentication code for online filing

  • Balance sheet (even if there has been no trading activity)

  • Details of company directors

Prepare the Balance Sheet

Dormant company accounts typically consist of a simple balance sheet and any necessary notes, but you must ensure the balance sheet is correctly formatted and is signed by a director. Dormant accounts are a much more simplified version of the full set of accounts, with often only have shares and cash in hand/bank on the balance sheet, but there can be more line items if the company traded in previous active years. They are much less burdensome to prepare as several sections can be omitted.

File the dormant accounts

The quickest and simplest way is to file it online yourself using our online service - File now. Alternatively, you can file using the Companies House WebFiling service, or file by paper using the AA02 form.

Additional tips
  • Filing Deadline: Dormant company accounts must be filed annually, within nine months of the company's financial year-end. File by the deadline to avoid penalties.

  • Annual Confirmation Statement: Remember to file your annual confirmation statement separately, even if your company is dormant. This is filed to Companies House as well.

  • Corporation Tax Return: You may still be required to file a corporation tax return with HMRC, even if your company was dormant. Ensure you check for any letters from HMRC notifying you to file one, or to double check you can call HMRC. You are able to notify HMRC online that your company is dormant so as to avoid the need to file corporation tax returns.

Here at Just Dormant Accounts we make filing your dormant accounts as simple as possible and for a very low fee.

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