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Companies House changing to software-only accounts filings

Updated: Jun 5

Companies House has announced plans to move over to software-only filing for all company accounts of any size. This means that soon you will no longer be able to file your company accounts by paper or through Companies House's web-filing service for smaller company accounts. This key change is expected to be implemented in phases over the next couple of years.

This change is part of the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act that received Royal Assent in October 2023. You can read more about the announcement here. This change will affect companies of all sizes, covering all accounts types including dormant, micro-entity, small, large and community interest companies.

Of course, once the requirement to file accounts through software is effective, this will also apply to dormant company accounts. All dormant companies needing to file dormant accounts will have to use software provided by a software provider that allows the filing of dormant accounts.

How to comply with software-only filings

There are many software options out there (see the list of approved software on the Companies House website and find us there), but here at just dormant accounts we are purely focused on filing dormant accounts. We make it very simple and affordable to get your dormant accounts filed within a few minutes, and all by yourself without accountant (and without the accountant's fees!).

We don't believe dormant companies should have to have any hassle or hefty fees to get their dormant accounts filed. Our solution is online - a web-based software where you do not need to subscribe or create an account. Simply visit our online service, type in your company name or registration number, and a few steps later you are done!

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